Vermicompost, Worm Compost, Vermicast, and Worm Castings are all interchangeable for Worm Poop!

Our Vermicompost is finely screened to 1/8″ and is not muddy. Vermicompost makes a great soil amendment that allows the soil to retain moisture. It is jam-packed with micro and macro nutrients that are in an available form for your plants. More importantly vermicompost is loaded with beneficial microbes and fungi that plants can thrive on. It won’t burn your plants as the N-P-K levels are low. Vermicompost can be considered a slow release amendment as the nutrients become gradually available.

Our vermicompost is available in 5 pound bags for $10. At this time it is only available for pick up. Please contact us for details:

Benefits of Vermicompost for Soil

  • Improves soil structure in both clay and sandy soils
    • In clay vermicompost improves aeration
    • In sand vermicompost improves water retention
  • Increases the organic matter in soils
  • Reduces pH
  • Aids in increasing the beneficial microbes in the soil

Benefits of Vermicompost for Plants

  • Can reduce time for seed germination
  • Increases root growth
  • Increases tolerance of drought conditions
  • Decreases transplant shock

To learn more about the benefits of vermicompost, please check out this blog post.

2 lbs. Screened Vermcast
  • includes shipping

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