Watermelon feeding #3 6-13-21

Did I mention that my kids eat a LOT of watermelon?? Check out the earlier posts to see how fast the red wigglers in the Worm Inn take watermelon down (first and second posts). As with the previous installments, the Worm Inn has been fed watermelon exclusively. This third batch of feeding started on JuneContinue reading “Watermelon feeding #3 6-13-21”

Watermelon feeding #2 6-5-21

As mentioned in the first installment of the watermelon feeding, my kids eat a lot of watermelon. As with the first post, this feeding also went into the Worm Inn. Due to the quantity of watermelon we have been going through, the Worm Inn has only been fed with watermelon scraps. This feeding started onContinue reading “Watermelon feeding #2 6-5-21”

Watermelon feeding 5-26-21

There are certain food scraps that worms go absolutely crazy for. Watermelon is a particular favorite scrap. With summer nearing, watermelons are becoming available in stores and my kids especially love them. I don’t normally freeze watermelon scraps as it takes up a bit too much room in my freezer. I typically just add theContinue reading “Watermelon feeding 5-26-21”

Urban Worm Bag v2.0

This is a review of the Urban Worm Bag v2.0 (UWB). I previously reviewed the no longer available Worm Inn and the UWB is the next generation continuous flow through bag system. Full disclosure, I currently offer this product for purchase. I’ll start right off the bat and state that the UWB is my preferredContinue reading “Urban Worm Bag v2.0”

The Worm Inn

The first vermicomposting system I got involved with was the Worm Inn. The Worm Inn was first developed by Robyn Crispe and was later taken over by Jerry “Worm Dude” Gach. Jerry passed away in 2018 and unfortunately the Worm Inn is no longer available for purchase. The reason I decided to go with thisContinue reading “The Worm Inn”

Types of indoor systems

There are various types of vermicompost systems available for the home use. This is a basic overview of each system type. There are two main types of systems are simple bin and continuous flow through Simple Bin The most common and cheapest system is a standard storage bin or tote. These can be found atContinue reading “Types of indoor systems”