Seed Starting Challenge

This project compares how the quantity of vermicast can affect plants started from seed. I decided to give this a try with “Cherry Belle” radish seeds. I chose radish seeds as they tend to germinate quickly. The Challenge This focus of the challenge is to see how the same plant started from seed will doContinue reading “Seed Starting Challenge”

Urban Worm Bag v2.0

This is a review of the Urban Worm Bag v2.0 (UWB). I previously reviewed the no longer available Worm Inn and the UWB is the next generation continuous flow through bag system. Full disclosure, I currently offer this product for purchase. I’ll start right off the bat and state that the UWB is my preferredContinue reading “Urban Worm Bag v2.0”

Can worms eat that?…citrus

This will be an ongoing series of various items that composting worms will process. I’m referring to the foods to avoid. The next material in this series is citrus. On just about every vermicomposting list of food scraps to avoid, citrus makes the no-no list. There are some good reasons for this but is citrusContinue reading “Can worms eat that?…citrus”

Can worms eat that?…yogurt

This will be an ongoing series of various items that composting worms will process. I’m referring to the foods to avoid. To start off this series, I will begin with dairy. So milk is out of the question as you would just flood your bin with too much moisture, but what about yogurt? While goingContinue reading “Can worms eat that?…yogurt”

The Worm Inn

The first vermicomposting system I got involved with was the Worm Inn. The Worm Inn was first developed by Robyn Crispe and was later taken over by Jerry “Worm Dude” Gach. Jerry passed away in 2018 and unfortunately the Worm Inn is no longer available for purchase. The reason I decided to go with thisContinue reading “The Worm Inn”

Vermicompost Benefits

Vermicompost is the magical elixir that will make all of your bad gardening habits disappear! It will bring back to life all of your dead houseplants with just a teaspoon of material….OK so hopefully you are picking up on my sarcasm, but YES vermicompost does have many benefits. It’s just not the end all beContinue reading “Vermicompost Benefits”

Starting a new worm bin

This post will show how to set up a plastic tote worm bin from scratch using the Starter Worm Mix. The most difficult stage of any worm composting system is the start up stage. This stage is the easiest to get wrong. Most beginners have the most trouble with this and it’s mostly due toContinue reading “Starting a new worm bin”


There are many types of bedding material that is suitable for vermicomposting systems. This discusses the pros and cons of some the common bedding types. Before I dive deeper into this, it should be noted that the bedding material is really the most important part of the system excluding the worms. Bedding provides worms theContinue reading “Bedding”

Types of indoor systems

There are various types of vermicompost systems available for the home use. This is a basic overview of each system type. There are two main types of systems are simple bin and continuous flow through Simple Bin The most common and cheapest system is a standard storage bin or tote. These can be found atContinue reading “Types of indoor systems”