ANCs vs Eggplant – part 2

This post is part two of the African Nightcrawlers (ANCs) attacking an eggplant. Just to review, I had an eggplant that I forgot about in my refrigerator that started to turn. I placed the eggplant into my new ANC bin without freezing or chopping. I wanted to see how quickly these worms would process theContinue reading “ANCs vs Eggplant – part 2”

ANCs vs Eggplant – part 1

I recently started a new bin with African Nightcrawlers (ANC). I have heard how ANCs process wastes even faster than red wigglers but I wanted to see this for myself. Before I dive into the topic of this blog post, I wanted to make a few notes about ANCs. ANCs (Eudrilus eugeniae) are a muchContinue reading “ANCs vs Eggplant – part 1”

Feeding a system

These are some basics when it comes to adding food scraps to a system. This is mainly for beginners but this will also have some info for ones that want to experiment a bit. There are many ways a system can be fed but for most home/indoor systems left over food scraps will be theContinue reading “Feeding a system”