Starter Worm Mix – $40 – Currently out of stock. Please check back in mid June.

The Starter Worm Mix was designed to incorporate multiple stages of worms from adults to juveniles and cocoons. The mix contains a high quality bedding and feed mix that the worms thrive in. This allows the worms to adapt quickly to new environments while inoculating the system with a host of beneficial microbes. Each bag contains roughly 3 pounds of material. Shipping is included in the $40 price.

Vermicompost – $10/ 5lb

Our quality Vermicompost is screened to a fine 1/8″ size. Vermicompost is a great soil amendment that allows the soil to retain moisture. It is jam-packed with micro and macro nutrients that are in an available form for your plants. More importantly the vermicompost is loaded with beneficial microbes and fungi that plants can thrive on. It won’t burn your plants as the N-P-K levels are low. Vermicompost can be considered a slow release amendment as the nutrients become gradually available.

Currently Vermicompost is only available for local pick up. Please contact us if you are interested!

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