Seed Starting Challenge

This project compares how the quantity of vermicast can affect plants started from seed. I decided to give this a try with “Cherry Belle” radish seeds. I chose radish seeds as they tend to germinate quickly. The Challenge This focus of the challenge is to see how the same plant started from seed will doContinue reading “Seed Starting Challenge”

Flying pests

Early Spring means it’s time to get outside and enjoy the garden! However, this also means that many bugs start to awaken too. Sometimes these pests can even get inside the house! Worse yet, sometimes these annoying pests can make their way into worm bins. This post will explore the common flying pests and howContinue reading “Flying pests”

Thoughts on the Subpod

In 2019, a crowdfunding campaign helped introduce the Subpod into vermicomposting community. Although the concept of the Subpod isn’t new, it does provide a prefab system that is easy to set up and maintain. The main idea behind the Subpod is to create compost right where it is needed. It is an “in-ground” vermicomposting setContinue reading “Thoughts on the Subpod”

Diatomaceous Earth – what is it? and why use it?

This posts dives into the infamous material known as Diatomaceous Earth (DE). DE was found to have many uses from filtering water and beer to making a “safer” explosive (quotes are for sarcastic purposes). Besides DE’s history, the post will dive into DE’s use and purpose for vermicomposting. Background Diatomaceous Earth (DE for short) isContinue reading “Diatomaceous Earth – what is it? and why use it?”

Watermelon feeding #3 6-13-21

Did I mention that my kids eat a LOT of watermelon?? Check out the earlier posts to see how fast the red wigglers in the Worm Inn take watermelon down (first and second posts). As with the previous installments, the Worm Inn has been fed watermelon exclusively. This third batch of feeding started on JuneContinue reading “Watermelon feeding #3 6-13-21”

Urban Worm Bag Follow Along 6-11-21

This is the third installment of the UWB follow along series that started April 29th, 2021. I missed taking photos from a feeding between this post and the last one. The system is still on a weekly feeding schedule unless circumstances prevent that. Since the last feeding on 5-12-21, I fed the system roughly 3Continue reading “Urban Worm Bag Follow Along 6-11-21”

Watermelon feeding #2 6-5-21

As mentioned in the first installment of the watermelon feeding, my kids eat a lot of watermelon. As with the first post, this feeding also went into the Worm Inn. Due to the quantity of watermelon we have been going through, the Worm Inn has only been fed with watermelon scraps. This feeding started onContinue reading “Watermelon feeding #2 6-5-21”

Watermelon feeding 5-26-21

There are certain food scraps that worms go absolutely crazy for. Watermelon is a particular favorite scrap. With summer nearing, watermelons are becoming available in stores and my kids especially love them. I don’t normally freeze watermelon scraps as it takes up a bit too much room in my freezer. I typically just add theContinue reading “Watermelon feeding 5-26-21”

Worm videos of the month(s)! April/May 2021

I wasn’t able to get around to put this together in time for here are some videos from April and May. Enjoy! We’ll start this off with a video from iRaise Worms showing some issues with pre-composting materials. Caution video shows the dreaded fruit flies… Continuing with iRaise Worms is an interesting video on dealingContinue reading “Worm videos of the month(s)! April/May 2021”

Urban Worm Bag Follow Along 5-12-21

I wanted to do a series of posts on how I maintain my Urban Worm Bag (UWB). I set up this system in mid-October 2020 after years of using a similar Worm Inn system. My decision to purchase a UWB had to do with the size of the system. The Worm Inn I had setContinue reading “Urban Worm Bag Follow Along 5-12-21”