Watermelon feeding 5-26-21

There are certain food scraps that worms go absolutely crazy for. Watermelon is a particular favorite scrap. With summer nearing, watermelons are becoming available in stores and my kids especially love them. I don’t normally freeze watermelon scraps as it takes up a bit too much room in my freezer. I typically just add theContinue reading “Watermelon feeding 5-26-21”

Urban Worm Bag v2.0

This is a review of the Urban Worm Bag v2.0 (UWB). I previously reviewed the no longer available Worm Inn and the UWB is the next generation continuous flow through bag system. Full disclosure, I currently offer this product for purchase. I’ll start right off the bat and state that the UWB is my preferredContinue reading “Urban Worm Bag v2.0”

Cleaning Up!

Unfortunately, I am not referring to winning the Powerball or Mega Millions. This is an important but a not well discussed topic in vermicomposting. This post on cleaning is geared for indoor vermicompost systems. Why should I clean my vermicompost area? I mean vermicomposting is all about collecting worm poop. Well poop collecting friends, it’sContinue reading “Cleaning Up!”

Cardboard Bedding

One of the more common bedding materials used for vermicompost systems is cardboard. This post will examine the pros and cons of using cardboard in a vermicomposting system. Most indoor vermicomposting systems will utilize cardboard as a bedding or “brown” material. The most common type is corrugated cardboard which is basically three layers. Corrugated cardboardContinue reading “Cardboard Bedding”

Compost Rolls

This post was inspired by the work of Mark Paine at Vernmenting or EVE Growing. Mark used an interesting concept in his vernmenting containers to process food scraps through the use of compost rolls. Mark Paine over at EVE Growing composts just about everything with his red wigglers. From roadkill to number twos, there reallyContinue reading “Compost Rolls”


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