Watermelon feeding #3 6-13-21

Did I mention that my kids eat a LOT of watermelon?? Check out the earlier posts to see how fast the red wigglers in the Worm Inn take watermelon down (first and second posts). As with the previous installments, the Worm Inn has been fed watermelon exclusively.

This third batch of feeding started on June 13th, 2021. The difference between this posts and the prior ones is that I wanted to push this system more to see what it can handle. The only caveat is that I’m not going to push it too far to make the conditions unfavorable to the worms. Check out the slideshow below:

This time around I decided to continue to add watermelon scraps as opposed to a single batch like the previous installments. As you go through the slideshow, you can see that most days a bit more is added. On Day 3, I included two photos to show the additional scraps added. On Day 4, I decided to add a lot more watermelon.

On Day 5 the scraps were decomposing quite quickly. However, since the scraps were not covered under bedding, the watermelon is starting to smell. Due to the smell I didn’t add any additional scraps.

I was quite impressed with how quickly the watermelon was decomposing on Day 6. I suspect that this was due to the rise in temperature in my region. Only two days later you can see just how much the worms processed. By the final day, Day 10, the only remnant of the watermelon was some skin.

The above photos show close ups of Day 5. The density of worms around the scraps is unreal. Almost all the surfaces between the scraps is covered with worms. It is hard to see but there are also a lot of mites on the watermelon scraps. The tiny “dots” are the mites. I’m not really concerned with the amount since the Worm Inn is very breathable and the moisture level will drop. The drop in moisture will help regulate the mite population.

Above are some additional Day 6 photos. The seedlings were from a pumpkin that was run through the system during the late fall of 2020. The seedlings are not a concern as I will simply pull them and break them up. This will become additional worm food.

Watermelon feeding #2 6-5-21

Watermelon feeding 5-26-21

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