Urban Worm Bag Follow Along 6-11-21

This is the third installment of the UWB follow along series that started April 29th, 2021. I missed taking photos from a feeding between this post and the last one. The system is still on a weekly feeding schedule unless circumstances prevent that.

Since the last feeding on 5-12-21, I fed the system roughly 3 times. Unfortunately, I did not take pictures of those feedings.

Similar to the previous installment, the top lid has a lot of moisture.

The system still has a good moisture level even with the addition of watermelon. The sides have quite a bit of vermicast. The worms do travel around in the system much more compared to the Worm Inn. This is due to the moisture retention capability of the UWB.

I didn’t weigh this feeding but it was most likely in the 2-3 pound range. As with most feedings, the scraps were frozen and chopped up. I also added some quarry dust and some vermicast to inoculate the scraps.

The scraps were spread out over half of the surface area. The UWB can handle much more but I needed scraps for the other systems.

I forgot to take a picture right after adding the top layer of bedding. The above photo is a couple of days later. There are a ton of worms at the surface along with a bunch of isopods on the side.

The above photo shows some of the common critters in a system, isopods and mites. The mites look like small orange-ish dots and tend to thrive in wetter conditions. Typically, the quantity of mites explode in really wet conditions, but can also appear after a large feeding. The mite population will decrease as the moisture level falls. The mites were concentrated only in this section so I’m not concerned. If they still persist in this quantity a week later, then I’ll add lots of dry cardboard bedding.

Urban Worm Bag Follow Along 5-12-21

Urban Worm Bag Follow Along 4-29-21

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