Watermelon feeding #2 6-5-21

As mentioned in the first installment of the watermelon feeding, my kids eat a lot of watermelon. As with the first post, this feeding also went into the Worm Inn. Due to the quantity of watermelon we have been going through, the Worm Inn has only been fed with watermelon scraps.

This feeding started on June 5th, 2021. Only watermelon was added but I did place a paper towel under the center section to provide a buffer between the new scraps and the worms on the top section.

The photos on Day 1 were taken a few hours after the watermelon was added. I admittedly was surprised how quickly the worms started to go after the scraps. Typically, I would see the worms go to the scraps a day later.

Day 2 looks quite similar to Day 1. However, there are more worms congregating around the scraps and even an isopod can be seen on top. The upper left of the photo shows that the rind has been worked over some by isopods. You can tell by the lighter yellow-green edges of the rind.

I missed taking a photo for Day 3, but what a difference between Day 2 and Day 4. The watermelon has decomposed quite a bit and there are definitely more worms at the surface.

One thing to note on Day 5 is the edges of the Worm Inn. Even though the material in the center has a lot of moisture, the edges are definitely drier. You can see that the shredded cardboard in the corners is drier than the material around it. This is both a positive and negative of the Worm Inn. The excellent airflow prevents the system from becoming too wet. However, the outer edge material really doesn’t get broken down unless one rotates this material into the center.

Day 7 is the last set of photos for this post. The red wigglers devoured the watermelon scraps and the only part that remains is a thin layer of the rind. The worms and isopods will need a few more days to break this down but it is incredible that this is all that remains.

Another thing to take note of is the paper towel that was under the watermelon in the center of the Worm Inn. The paper towel is nearly gone by Day 7. I tried to pick up a section of it but it just fell apart.

Watermelon feeding 5-26-21

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