Watermelon feeding 5-26-21

There are certain food scraps that worms go absolutely crazy for. Watermelon is a particular favorite scrap. With summer nearing, watermelons are becoming available in stores and my kids especially love them. I don’t normally freeze watermelon scraps as it takes up a bit too much room in my freezer. I typically just add the scraps on top and don’t bother covering it with bedding as the worms devour it rather quickly.

The worms are in for a treat. These watermelon scraps were added to the Worm Inn right after my kids took down about 5 slices each. The Worm Inn or the Urban Worm Bag are ideally suited for watermelon as the moisture from the watermelon won’t cause any issues. In fact, for the Worm Inn it is actually beneficial as the watermelon acts as a slow release of moisture compared to adding water. By placing the watermelon on the sides will provide additional moisture to the zones that dry out the quickest.

The image above shows the first batch of added watermelon scraps. Of course the next day my kids had more.

One thing to take note of in this second photo is the edges of some of the green rinds. The edges have a lighter yellow-green appearance. This is due to the isopods or roly-polies munching away at the scraps too. Without them the scraps would take longer to break down. This photo was taken only one day later.

In the previous photos it was difficult to make out any worms. However, when one of the rinds was lifted, you can see a mass of worms congregating just underneath.

Four days later the watermelon is rapidly decomposing. Some worms are now visible on the top layer of the scraps.

Here is a series of photos showing how the worms congregate under the watermelon scraps.

Six days later and the watermelon is nearly gone! The worms are now congregating on top of the scraps to finish it off. You can see there the vermicast between all the scraps.

Here is the last overall photo which was eight days after adding the scraps. Only a very thin layer of the rind remains at this point.

Here is the final photo of this post showing the worms under a very thin remaining watermelon rind.

Final notes:

  • Watermelon is an excellent food source for worms due to its high water content
  • The worms tend to congregate by the watermelon scraps in high densities and process it very quickly
  • The Worm Inn is an ideal system for watermelon (or any water dense fruit/vegetable) as the system won’t become overly wet
    • This breathable bag system allows for a higher quantity of water rich scraps compared to an enclosed plastic tote as there is less concern of the system becoming too wet
  • In a tote system, watermelon can work well but make sure to include lots of dry bedding to avoid anaerobic conditions

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