Worm videos of the month(s)! April/May 2021

I wasn’t able to get around to put this together in time for here are some videos from April and May. Enjoy!

We’ll start this off with a video from iRaise Worms showing some issues with pre-composting materials. Caution video shows the dreaded fruit flies…

Continuing with iRaise Worms is an interesting video on dealing with avocado shells.

Here’s an update from London Worms & Garden on the Everything Wrong With It (EWWI) bin.

Northeast Worms (I know we share a very similar name) providing an update on the UWB using ANCs.

Here is Northeast Worms with a video using a 55 gallon barrel in an outdoor system.

World Composting with a video on using pine shavings as a bedding material.

Alberta Urban Garden has come back from hiatus with a simple composting video. Although it is not worm related, it’s a good way to turn waste into a valuable resource.

Composting Pete shows a way on how to use coffee grounds for a lawn. Normally, I would use coffee grounds as a nitrogen source for hot composting but this is an interesting alternative.

Diego Footer even gets into the vermicompost game with the Worm Cube system.

And finally, Dee Worms with a video on sifting castings.

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