ANCs vs Eggplant – part 2

This post is part two of the African Nightcrawlers (ANCs) attacking an eggplant.

Just to review, I had an eggplant that I forgot about in my refrigerator that started to turn. I placed the eggplant into my new ANC bin without freezing or chopping. I wanted to see how quickly these worms would process the eggplant and get a sense of how much I can get away feeding them.

The image above shows how much the eggplant was already turning. The eggplant was buried in the bin and left for about a week.

The above image shows the bin opened up. It basically just looks like a layer of bedding.

I started to pull back some of the bedding where the eggplant was placed. A large ANC was sitting just below the surface.

After digging a little further down, there were a lot more worms.

At this point I was having trouble finding the eggplant! There is a small section with some worms on it in the image above. The picture is a bit blurry but you can see some of the decomposing eggplant just to the left of center.

The above image shows the purplish sheen that ANCs have. But I was very surprised with how quickly the ANCs went after the eggplant. I was expecting to have at least two more posts on the topic!

Since the ANCs processed the eggplant so quickly, it was time to add some additional scraps. I added three frozen pears on the opposite side of where the eggplant was located. I’m now curious to see how quickly the ANCs will attack the pears once they thaw.

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