Worm videos of the month! March 2021

Here’s a great video from Steve Churchill at Urban Worm Company discussing the use of horse manure for vermicomposting.

AJ’s Green Topics discussing how to dry out vermicompost from a bin system.

Fine Gardening on the basics of soil biology. It is a basic overview of the living and dead organisms that are in the soil.

London Worms & Garden on using materials in a worm bin that are shunned. This is an update on the system labeled EWWI (Everything Wrong WIth It).

World Composting discussing the different types of paper to use in a worm system.

Here’s another from World Composting for those with fruit fly issues and need to make a trap.

Epic Gardening put out a great video on Nasturtiums. I didn’t know they were edible!

Green Our Planet has an interesting video on the additional creatures in a worm system. These are found in outdoor systems as the video shows but some of the creatures are often found in indoor systems too.

Fish Sauce Mama shows her method for setting up an outdoor, in-ground bucket system. Personally, I would not cut off the bottom or I would add a 1/4″ hardware fabric at the bottom to keep out pest mammals like voles and moles. Also, I would avoid adding holes on the lid especially if you live in a rainy area. Otherwise it is a great inexpensive way to incorporate compost worms outdoors.

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