Worm videos of the month! February 2021

I thought it would be fun to post some Youtube videos from various vermicomposters each month. The focus of these videos will be vermicomposting related but I’ll also include any interesting video from gardening, permaculture, or some environmental topic.

A V had a video about trying to control an overpopulation of mites with lime.

Dee Worms Vermicomposting showing an update of a 3.5 month old bin system

Erie Soil & Water Conservation District’s latest Worm Wednesday video.

AJ’s Green Topics’ video on a really wet plastic tote system.

Gardening with Barchuckin shared a process for using peanut shells. I never thought to try this!

World Composting’s latest video testing out Pine Shavings as a bedding material.

Plant Abundance on the benefits of vermicast in the garden

I AM ORGANIC GARDENING’s informative video on Alfalfa Meal vs Pellets.

Canadian Permaculture Legacy’s excellent review on using plastics in the garden. Definitely a thought provoking video.

The great Geoff Lawton shares information on plant nutrients.

Just wanted to make a quick disclaimer here. I am not associated with or am endorsed by any the people or companies that made the videos above. I simply found the videos interesting and worth sharing.

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